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de internationale catalogus met digitale lettertypen

den internationella katalogen för digitala teckensnitt
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Dooijes Sans
04 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
In the mid-1950's Dick Dooijes had started the development of a typeface that would come to be known as Mercator, the dutch Helvetica. First presented it proved to be an immediate, sensational success. The years passed, and yet, there was still no legitimate version around. When we started our research we wanted to be true to the bolder weights and modernize the lighter ones. Finding cues in archival specimens the result was a subtle refinement to the original. Dooijes Sans, named after it’s creator has been entirely reworked and expanded from multiple weights, including italics and alternative character styles.
01. 2018
Afrika Sans
05 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
A warm and romantic typeface inspired by Paris and its love with African culture and art. The mix of Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression. Afrika’s details can be seen as a display font, intended for larger size, it’s also easy on the eyes in short blocks of text copy. Designed with OpenType features, each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, arrows and extended language.
08. 2017
Ulrich Serif
01 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Glyphic serif with a strong and classic look.
12. 2018
Ordinary Sans
12 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Typeface aiming for beauty without ostensible effects, merely relying on clarity and well balanced proportions. The sensation of the ordinary, just what is it that catches the eye, and why? What’s the significance of a broken flowerpot, a pair of identical tables side by side. These kinds of ordinary objects may seem reasonably trouble-free. Nevertheless, on closer scrutiny, these objects are at least as mystifying, if not more so. Ordinary Sans examines subtle in seemingly normal fonts. Ordinary is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch. A younger brother of the Everyday family. It comes in 12 weights, and matching italics. The text weights are free of charge, so you can use them to your heart’s content. It has a functional look with a warm touch. While the Display weights are great for large sizes the text weights are well suited for smaller texts.
03. 2014
Kawara Sans
01 weight(s)
09. 2017
Practice Sans
12 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
One of our most recognizable and signature font families. From major changes like proportions, widths and thickness to the smaller details, this family enables us to feel and understand the font at a completely new level.
09. 2018
Everyday Sans
03 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Compiled of 20 fonts in search of normal design. The phenomenon of the super normal is located, beyond space and time. The super normal is lying exposed before us in our everyday, and the typeface help us make it visible for us. Everyday, has become one of our most popular typefaces. It forms an integral part of many designers toolboxes. The high x-height and the restrained forms lend it a distinctive elegance.
03. 2014
Dakota Serif
01 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Obsession with the human form and new ideas of beauty, for lack of better terms, lumps and bumps.
01. 2019
Grotex Sans
03 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Schoolbook characteristics to call familiarity to mind without mentioning it explicitly.
03. 2013
Werk Sans
04 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Influenced by the geometric-style sans serif faces that were popular during the 1920s and 30s. Werk is truly a sans-serif of its time. With not only light but also with mathematical straightforwardness, and humanistic shine. A typeface influenced by mid-century architecture journals. Designed for flexible use and alternative characters observing dimension and space. Available in multiple weights and Italics. It will shine in both titles and text with intended use for signage, posters, magazines, and advertisements.
01. 2015
Winona Sans
05 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Winona is a contemporary typeface that blends a geometric inspiration with contrast between thick and thin strokes. The typeface exist in 5 weights ranging from Thin to Bold, with charming italics. A real workhorse for any use. Designed with opentype features, each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, special numbers, arrows, extended language support.
03. 2015
Yoko Sans
01 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Intended to use words much as a painter would use representational forms.
08. 2017
Blanche Sans
05 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
Blanche is built with a specific person in mind. To capture her untainted, innocent side. Blanche also represents an appreciation for classic beauty, a geometric typeface that is pure and simple in structure but extreme in character with a flavored touch. Although its structure is traditional forms, its details transform this typeface in a boldly project that separates it from other geometric fonts. Designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, each weight includes alternate characters, ligatures, extended language support.
03. 2015
North Serif
02 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
01. 2019
Tilt Sans
05 weight(s)
Marker inspired san serif made for signage and display purposes.
08. 2017
Maud Serif
02 weight(s) w/ italic(s)
01. 2016
Faux Sans
04 weight(s)
Some things need cooperation, it takes two to tango.
02. 2017

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